Chrysler Adds New Paint Plant in Sterling Heights, MI

American automaker Chrysler recently added to its support of the United States' economy be revealed its almost completely 425,000-square-foot paint facility next to its current Sterling Heights, MI Assembly Plant. The paint plant is the automaker's first in over two decades, and it's a great sign of what the company has accomplished over the past few years.

Only a few years ago, many American automakers were in trouble during the recession. In fact, the Sterling plant was slated to close in 2010. Now, however, it's adding the new paint plant onto the current building, and the project is 85 percent complete. Chrysler officials have stated that the new facility is "spotless," and they expect it to stay that way after operations begin.

Though the Sterling plant next door currently builds the Dodge Avenger and Chrysler 200, the company won't say which vehicles will be painted next door, stating that it's top secret at the moment.

450 people will receive jobs at the new plant, and the vehicles painted there will undergo three phases of paint work. First, they'll receive a base coat, then a micro coat and then a clear coat.

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