Chrysler Manufacturing Recognized for Quality

Chrysler has a number of production facilities across the country, and the new Chrysler models that show up at our Bentonville dealership are held to the highest of standards during assembly. And thanks to the standard that they have set for themselves, the auto industry has taken notice.

Chrysler's World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Academy, where they train their workers to insure the highest standards are met during the manufacturing process has been recognized by the Manufacturing Leadership Summit who has name the WCM as a High Achiever in the New Workforce segment.

The Chrysler Group employs over 45,000 people in its manufacturing facilities, all who have been trained through the WCM process. It's this dedication to quality that has made the 200, 300 and Town and Country so popular that Chrysler has added over 8,000 new jobs at their U.S. manufacturing plants since June of 2009.

the WCM Academy which opened in January of 2012, offers classroom instruction and hands on training to teach employees how to trouble shoot issued that may arise during the production process allowing them to be proactive and correct the situation themselves.

You can see the fruits of their labor right here at Landers-McLarty in our Chrysler showroom. We encourage you to visit us at 2609 S Walton Blvd during our regular business hours to see for yourself the quality and attention to detail that goes into every Chrysler model that we offer.

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