Tips for Choosing the right Wheel Option for your Ram Truck

An important thing to consider when you're thinking about buying a RAM Truck is the kind of wheels it will have. Usually, you will have two great options to choose from and McLarty Daniel Bentonville is here to help you decide.

So, how exactly does one decide between a 17-inch argent steel wheel and a 17-inch aluminum wheel? Well, it depends on what kinds of activities you plan on doing in your pickup. If you're truck is going to be used for mostly on-road activities, like traveling, the best choice is aluminum. This lightweight wheel is strong and resistant to corrosion. They're not recommended for off-roading or towing heavy loads, and they're available on RAM 2500 and 3500 dual rear wheel trucks, as well as Tradesmen, Outdoorsman, and SLT trim levels. The 18-inch steel wheel offers the same benefits on a larger scale.

The 17-inch argent steel wheels are great for off-roading and hauling heavy loads. They come with improve malleability and strength to prevent chipping and resist bending and wobble. Their small size offers plenty of room for big off-road tires, and they're the real "workhorse" of the RAM wheel lineup.

If you want your wheels to be noticed when you're driving around town, choose the stunning RAM 20-inch aluminum wheels. However, they can have some impact on ride quality, performance and handling. RAM has downplayed this effect with its four-corner air suspension on the RAM 1500, making the difference between 20-inch and smaller wheels almost nonexistent.

If you have any questions feel free to ask the experts at our RAM parts and accessories center.  Or you can contact McLarty Daniel - Bentonville by phone or just swing by our convenient Bentonville, AR location.

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