Jeep Hacks – Volume 2

February 9th, 2022 by

When it comes to the Wrangler and Gladiator, there are tons of small tips and tricks that can be total game changers when you learn about them. We’re talking about Jeep Hacks! We’ve started a blog series all about Jeep Hacks so you can get the most out of your Jeep. Check out our first blog, Jeep Hacks – Volume 1. We can’t wait to share them all with you because the Wrangler is one of our favorites here at McLarty Daniel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The first Jeep Hack of Volume 2 can work on the Wrangler or the Gladiator and it sure is “cool.” In the interior of the vehicle, you’ll notice there are two middle air vents. For this hack, you’ll remove the air vent and place a water bottle, or any other beverage you want to keep cold, in the empty slot. Now, crank up your air conditioning and let your drink cool right off. The air will flow across the drink and continuously, keeping it at a low temperature. Save the money on an expensive cooler or a vehicle refrigerator because you already have one!

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The second Jeep Hack is specific for the Jeep Gladiator. They may have told you this when you bought your Gladiator but if not, we’re here to help. If you look at the top of your back seats you’ll notice a keyhole. If you unlock this and pull up on the black strap you can now lower your back seats and gain access to extra storage. This is a great feature because the Gladiator is meant to have the roof removed. The only issue is you’re leaving all your items vulnerable to thieves. This hack lets you remove the top and still lock stuff away for those days at the beach or while on a hike.

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If you’d like to learn more Jeep Wrangler Hacks, stay tuned to our blog because this is just the beginning! If you can’t wait, stop by McLarty Daniel CDJR in Bentonville, Arkansas. We serve Bentonville, Rogers, Bella Vista, Eureka Springs, Pea Ridge, Gravette, Centerton, Sulphur Springs, Joplin, MO, etc. We love tips, tricks and hacks – anything to help improve your adventures.